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Pet Probiotics and Immune Formula
Pet Probiotics and Immune formula is designed to help your Dog by promoting Gut health and Support for their Immune system. Made with specific strains of probiotic for a dogs Intestinal tract to help Optimize Natures Greatest Doctor - the Immune system - to Defend and Fight off all pathogens and promote Well Being, Excellent Health and Help lead to a Very Happy Life as an Important part of Your family.

- Probiotic Blend specific for supporting Dogs Intestinal / Gut Health
- Colostrum - Natures Powerful Pathogen killer. Attacks virus, pathogenic bacteria, fungus, all enemies that would harm your dog
without negative side effects. Colostrum also promotes excellent health and growth.
- Beta Glucan - sourced in oat bran beta glucan is an Immune system Up-regulator, stimulates high activator of killer cells to protect the body
from an incoming invaders.
The Natural TASTE of Pet Probiotics and Immune Formula Dogs LOVE whIch is one they will surely tell YOU! Sprinkle on their food. Use the amount
as directed. WATCH THE TAIL WAG!