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Combo 2 Pak Special - PoopDoc® + You Go Babe® (90caps ea.)
PoopDoc® and You Go Babe® formulas are Constipation Relief Formulas which help the digestive tract eliminate unwanted fecal matter. These two formulas are a specially formulated magnesium based compound that works with your body’s natural elimination cycle when taken as directed.

This combo of constipation relief formulas is sent as 1 bottle of PoopDoc (90caps.) + 1 bottle of You Go Babe® (90caps.)
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PoopDoc's Colostrum Formula #5 - Nature's Miracle
PoopDoc’s® Colostrum helps support a Healthy Gut and Immune System. Colostrum has antibacterial and antiviral properties, helps reduce inflammation, significantly helps promote ligament and muscle repair, helps improve the body's healing response, helps use glucose more efficiently which can help your Energy levels improve, helps Increase exercise capacity, helps up-regulate protein synthesis (build muscle) and More.

Approx. 45 day supply
Pet Probiotics and Immune Formula
Pet Probiotics and Immune formula is designed to help your Dog by promoting Gut health and Support for their Immune system. Made with specific strains of probiotic for a dogs Intestinal tract to help Optimize Natures Greatest Doctor - the Immune system - to Defend and Fight off all pathogens and promote Well Being, Excellent Health and Help lead to a Very Happy Life as an Important part of Your family.